Welcome to my website! I’m Ruth Downie, writer of the MEDICUS series.

This is where you can find out all about the books, but before you scroll down the page to explore them, please allow me to mention the  “Authors without borders” website. It’s a temporary site set up to hold the stories that several of us wrote in instalments at the beginning of lockdown, so if you’re feeling short of reading material, shoot across there and enjoy it while you can! My story is called CARPE DIEM and it features Albanus, a friend to many from the MEDICUS series. You can find it here, too – it’s in the NEWS section.

This is also where you can contact me. The Diary page is sadly redundant at the moment but if you’re confined to quarters and want something different to do, check out the Rome From Home post – lots of links to websites that I like and maybe you will too.

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And now, finally:

The Books

Much of what Legionary medicus Ruso has been told about Britannia isn’t true. Unfortunately much of what he’s told by his local expert – the enigmatic and independent-minded Tilla – may not be true either. And when it comes to murder, somebody is lying to both of them.

“Human, satisfying and meticulously researched, Downie’s series is always a pleasure to read.” Imogen Robertson, Historia magazine