Meet Dug, the Iron Age man from Dorset. A dozen students have just been reconstructing his face from casts of his skull. I had terrible trouble with his ears. No wonder he looks wan and depressed. Or, as Husband describes him, spooky.
Dug with no hair

Still, he is a lot better-looking than he used to be:

Dug with pegs in

Photos of everyone’s reconstructions will be up on Martin Weaver’s site soon. Most of them look a lot happier than Dug. And there’s good news for all the people who’ve said, ‘Oh, I wish I’d known about that!’ – Martin’s hoping to run another course later in the year.

In the meantime Dug and I will be visiting libraries during April – dates are on the diary page. I’ll be doing the talking and he’ll glare at anyone who falls asleep. By that time he may have acquired some hair. I doubt it’ll cheer him up much, but at least it’ll do something to hide his ears.

2 thoughts on “Dug

  1. Hi Ruth

    Whereabouts in Dorset did Dug hail from? Funny, he reminds me of someone…Will he have hair when he goes on the library talks? If you reconstructed Dug’s wife/sister/daughter’s face you could do a ventriloquist act. Just a (rather odd) thought.

    This facial reconstruction thing is fascinating. It really brings the past to life in a startling way. I remember watching Richard Neave doing them on Julian Richards’s Meet the Ancestors. And I think he did Lindow Man’s face too, the one in the British Museum.

  2. Hm, there’s a thought – I’ll practise talking without moving my lips!

    Sorry were given no more detailed provenance than ‘Dorset’ for the skull. I’m looking forward to seeing all the photos of the other reconstructions side by side, as they were beginning to diverge the further we got from the bone structure. But since we were all complete beginners just trying it for fun, that’s hardly surprising.

    I’m still debating the hair. And whether or not to paint him. The proper ones are very impressive but I’m afraid of making a huge mess of it…

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