We have the programme for Crimefest! Check out their website for the huge list of perpetrators and participators who will be lurking around Bristol between 5 and 8 June.

I’ll be part of a panel on Saturday afternoon, discussing ‘The Mystery in History’ with Roger Hudson, Bernard Knight and Roz Southey, hopefully under the guidance of Bill Gottfried. Being in the Saturday afternoon slot is very good news for a novice like me. It’ll give me two days to enjoy listening to other panellists and perhaps garner some clues about how it’s done…

2 thoughts on “Crimefest

  1. Ruth,

    Great website, I was mysteriously ported over here after reading an interview of yours on the grand vizier Dec Burke’s website. Crimefest sound interesting… until I wen to the site and found it was going to cost $250.00 plus travel and lodging. Good luck with your panel and I hope it is fun. Keep up the great work on your blog!


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Josh – glad to hear the Grand Vizier is mysteriously porting people over here! He’s on the Crimefest list too so maybe I’ll get to meet him for real. I’m sorry you won’t make it but I imagine it works out pretty expensive if you don’t live in the UK (which I’m assuming you don’t as you’re quoting a dollar price?)

    Great to hear you like the blog, too – it’s my first attempt and I’m really pleased with WordPress so far.



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