Any questions?

The best part of ‘author events’ (mine, that is) is when I stop talking and people have the chance to wake up and ask questions. I’m very grateful to the lovely people who came to Olney Library on Wednesday evening and who came up with some interesting challenges, one of which was, ‘What’s your theory about the end of Roman Britain?’ Frankly, I don’t know enough to have a theory. Somebody who does is Guy de la Bedoyere. This is a link to the article and the rest of his website is well worth exploring.

For some bizarre and frustrating reason, Google refused to reveal the whereabouts of Martin Weaver’s website on the night, so people weren’t able to see Dug’s brothers. (Dug, for the uninitiated, is a beginner’s attempt at forensic facial reconstruction who keeps me company at events, stares at the audience and looks worryingly glum.) There’s now a permanent link here in the column on the right.

Many thanks to Gill, Angela and the other library staff who made all the arrangements, and to everyone who came and made it such an enjoyable evening. Sadly none of them knew of a lady who used to live just down the road from the Library and was one of my English teachers at school. If anybody knows the whereabouts of Mrs. Whitehouse, or indeed Mrs. Muriel – please tell them that their efforts have finally paid off. But please don’t mention that this last sentence starts with a conjunction.

5 thoughts on “Any questions?

  1. Ruth- I found you by acident and enjoyed Terra Incognita enormously. (I will read Medicus next.) I liked the strength you gave Tilla and the quirky disposition you gave Roso. I was hoping that at the end they might get married! Loved the mad doctor and Valens who arrived as a good friend able to mock and prod his pal. The sight of Second Speer’s daughter was fun!

    Really enjoyed your work! Looking forward to the next installment!!!!!

  2. Thanks, John – I’m especially glad you enjoyed the Second Spear’s daughter: I really enjoyed writing that bit. Reading the books the other way around may be interesting, as you’ll meet a few people in ‘Medicus’ whose future you already know…

  3. Blimey, what a question to ask – What are your theories about the end of Roman Britain?! A reply along the lines of ‘The Romans just switched off the lights and went home’ could’ve done the trick 😉 Well at least your audience was keen!

    Olney – that’s where they do the pancake race. Ah, them’s were the days of living in Bucks …

  4. Hi Ruth .Read the Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls in the hot sun of North Corfu glancing up occasionally only to marvel at the misty beauty of the Albanian coast. A well travelled book from a mud splattered field in Northampton .Loved the book especially the docs inability to come up with a simile and his well scratched ear. Will start Demented Doctor on our Rugby tour of Ireland (one step away from international selection now). Will get Terra Incognita and will have to figure out a way to have you sign it so I have a signed set. You have a great recepie there so keep surving us up the helpings. Best wishes from Karl & Andrew.

  5. Hi Karl – good to hear from you! And terrific to hear that Andrew’s rugby is going so well.

    Really glad you enjoyed the book. Don’t get Terra Incognita tho’ – even though it does have a beautiful cover – ‘cos inside it’s just the American edition of Demented Doctor. Book 3 isn’t out yet. I must learn to write faster!

    PS dates for next year’s dig are on the Whitehall website… and there’ll be an Open Day…

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