First, the bad news…

The live webchat about ‘Medicus’ which was to have taken place with the Roman History Reading Group on 2 July won’t be happening – at least, not live, since there’s a problem with the software. This is disappointing as the to-and-fro of a live chat is always fun. However… the good news from my point of view is that I won’t have to be awake at 2.30 am to do it.

This was worrying me somewhat, as I’m not at my best in the small hours, but unfortunately am not always aware of it. More than once I’ve woken in daylight to find that the brilliant idea scrawled down during a moment of nocturnal inspiration turns out to be a) almost illegible, and b) when deciphered, complete rubbish. On the other hand, at least the late hour would have provided a good excuse for any unintentional nonsense dispensed from the Downie residence. Hopefully there will be a ‘static’ Q&A for which I shall aim to be fully conscious and reasonably sensible.

In the meantime, the Roman History Books and More blog has links to all sorts of goodies including aspects of the factual background to the book (yes, there is some).

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