The mystery of the vanishing images

Just logged into the blog to discover that most of the pretty pictures have vanished. Apologies to anyone else who’s found the same thing: there should be a mosaic above this, and pics of the book covers on the right. I am about to try the only fixes I know, which are:

1) wait and hope it gets better by itself

2) turn it off and ignore it, then turn it back on later and see if (1) has happened yet.

Back later.


OK, those are fixed but the Photo Gallery still isn’t there. So no job awaits me in the computer industry yet, then.


Magic. The fairies have found the pictures and put them back overnight. Phew. Clearly a triumph for what they used to call in Social Work ‘Radical non-intervention’. (it sounded so much better than ‘doing nothing’, which was what it meant).

3 thoughts on “The mystery of the vanishing images

  1. Glad your images are back up! I was excited to find your blog, it sounds like you’re up to many interesting things.
    Also, wanted to say that I read Medicus last December and just purchased my copy of Terra Incognito. I’m devouring it now and enjoying every moment. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Thanks for the kind remarks about the books! Glad you’re enjoying the new one.

    ‘Fraid most of the interesting things are on hold for the next three weeks, but once Book 3 has gone off to the editors (both UK and US – fortunately they tend to agree with each other) I intend to get out and rediscover the world out there… otherwise Book 4 will have to be set entirely in one small room surrounded by shelves.

  3. Yes, technical stuff is always hard to deal with. Waiting seems like a good technique. Doing as little as possible is less tiring than doing the headless chicken thing. But maybe you’re not as lazy as I am.

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