The Great British Summer continues…

Phew! Book 3 has finally gone off to the editors. With luck, they’ll take several weeks to ponder it while I recharge the mental batteries and try not to think about all the things that will need reworking. These, of course, become glaringly obvious the minute you’ve pressed ‘send’ on the email.

Anyway, by the end of the week there will be plenty else to think about. So far it’s rained every day for weeks, so Cheltenham Racecourse will be nicely soggy for the 19,000 or so of us planning to enjoy the Greenbelt Festival. (Wet weather is especially exciting in our tent as part of the roof collects water instead of shedding it.)

Star attractions in the small-but-perfectly-formed Literature section this year are Michael Morpurgo and Salley Vickers, along with a DIY library where you bring a copy of your favourite book and kindly leave it to be taken away and enjoyed by somebody else.  That’ll be interesting. How many of us will be prepared to part with our favourite book? Indeed, how many of us will be able to decide what it is?

I’ll report back when I’ve washed the mud off.

4 thoughts on “The Great British Summer continues…

  1. Congratulations from Oregon USA on sending your book to the editor. I am sure you worked very hard and you may even be enjoying the respite from the work and stress as much or more than the sense of accomplishment. With your two previous books as evidence and with no evidence to the contrary, one can only assume that this new child will be a success (Jane Austen referred to her novels as her children).

    Regarding the giving away of a book which I have enjoyed, I can only say I find that difficult. As a result our house has far too many books. We have shelves of books in the living room, family room, and each of the bedrooms.

    Looking forward to episode three.
    Phil Hall

  2. Thanks, Phil! You’re absolutely right. I’m even enjoying wallpapering at the moment (which pleases Husband greatly).

    Sounds as though your house is like ours. Some of those books definitely sneak themselves in when nobody’s looking.



  3. Sorry – the novelty’s worn off decorating now. In fact writing’s starting to seem very appealing…

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