Bring-Your-Own Library

Despite being cunningly hidden between the Literature/Art marquee and the bookshop, Greenbelt‘s do-it-yourself library-in-a-tent attracted a steady flow of visitors over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Armchair in the Greenbelt bring-your-own Library

There didn’t however, seem to be a huge number of books. Still, since it worked on the principle of ‘bring one and take one away’, I guess there were never going to be a whole lot there at any one time.

Offerings included Jane Austen (Emma), Terry Pratchett, Jung Chang (Wild Swans), PD James, Lynda Page, ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’, Mervyn Peake, ‘Modern Art and the Death of a Culture’, and lots of other mind-improving works I was too lazy to try because –

Oh, thank you, thank you whoever left this – there was a copy of ‘CENTURION’! Excellent! I’d planned to buy it last week when Simon Scarrow visited the local Waterstones, but the event was cancelled and now I have it for free! (Apologies to Mr Scarrow, but I’m guessing he can live without the £1 or so he’d have made on the sale.) Here it is:

Copy of 'Centurion' adorning the entrance to the library

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