‘Snow causes chaos across the UK’

But not for all of us. How chaotic is this?

Snowy churchyard

This morning the local streets, almost empty of cars, were filled instead with families wearing woolly hats and building snowmen. Trudging past in our wellies on the way to clear a path through the churchyard above (funeral due, elderly mourners… you get the picture) we spoke to neighbours we hadn’t spoken to in months.  People we’d never met before mucked in to help with the clearing. And of course, a gaggle of small boys celebrated by putting a snowball through somebody’s window.

It wasn’t much fun if you were supposed to be somewhere else, nor if you had to pay for the window, but for the rest of us – what a treat!

There will be people out there to whom this isn’t Real Snow. Please indulge us. We’ve been waiting eighteen years for some decent sledging around here.

2 thoughts on “‘Snow causes chaos across the UK’

  1. Although the USA is an English speaking nation (well, more or less), I will expose my ignorance by asking for a translation. What is one in when one is trudging past in one’s “wellies”?

  2. I fear you’re going to be disappointed with the answer, Phil, which is not at all exotic… in fact I don’t know what the American for Wellies is (or should that be ‘are’?)

    I’m going to do a quick post with a photo and maybe you can tell me!

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