Do you really look like that?

No. Anyone who’s explored the photos on this blog will know  that I don’t often look like the person on the ‘about the author’ page. Except, of course, when I’ve put on my best jacket and been followed round the Penguin offices by a photographer, a makeup lady and another chap who seems to be there to offer moral support to the photographer and pick up the things he’s left behind.

I’m assuming other writers have similar experiences. Or friends who are pretty handy with a camera. (Incidentally, surely nobody has the right to be as rich as John Grisham AND be that goodlooking as well? Clearly he hasn’t read the fine advice from the Salt Publishing blog on 10 Ways to Take a Bad Author Photo).

2 thoughts on “Do you really look like that?

  1. The photo Grisham uses on his dustcovers is at least 15 years old. I saw a photo of him recently, and he’s not quite so good looking anymore – but who cares, when he’s still that rich!

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