Follow that chariot

I’ve been doing some reading about Boudica lately, and the authentic way to follow her is to burn down Colchester and London before marching up the A5 to do the same thing to St Albans.  However, there’s now a more peaceful option.

South Norfolk Council have recently linked together 40 miles of footpaths  that run from  Norwich to Diss, tactfully stopping well short of anything combustible. Dixe Wills has given Boudica’s Way a try and reports his findings here in the Guardian. He also explodes some of the wilder myths about the Queen of the Iceni, including the one about her being  buried under a platform at Kings Cross Station.

(Of course she isn’t. She’s buried in a field outside Towcester. Allegedly.)

Boudica’s Way looks like a good candidate for the  list of Things to Do When The Rush Stops.  Meanwhile, I’ll be visiting Wendover and Haddenham libraries tomorrow, where wild warrior women will hopefully be thin on the ground.

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