It’s nearly here! Just thought I’d mention it.

I’m on a ‘Mystery in History’ panel with Cassandra Clark (Medieval mysteries), Jane Finnis (Roman Britain),  and Roger Hudson (Ancient Greek) at 3 o’clock on Thursday afternoon. Edward Marston has been given the challenge of pulling it all together.

Having done my part early, I’m hoping to relax, sit back and enjoy all the other splendid events on offer. Here’s the rest of the Crimefest programme.

3 thoughts on “Crimefest!

  1. Pity: we needed you on our team for the start-of-weekend Crime Fiction Pub Quiz. You must know more about crime fiction than I do. As soon became apparent, everybody knows more about crime fiction than I do.

  2. I’d have liked that. To know more than someone else, I mean. Last year I won prizes because I was in the company of clever people, but it didn’t do much for my self esteem. You can count on me for when I can next afford the Marriott hotel.

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