So there’s a Jew and a Muslim and a Quaker, and they all go into a library…

No, really, they do. Or rather they will –  and they’ll be happy to talk to anyone who wants to borrow them.

Next Saturday (13 June) Milton Keynes Library will be loaning out people in thirty-minute slots as part of the worldwide Living Library movement. Living books are volunteers who combine a willingness to talk with something interesting to talk about.  People who’ve seen it in action elsewhere have been bowled over by how well it works.

The ground rules and the current books on offer can be found here.  Last time I looked there was a Firefighter on the list. So if you fancy meeting one without having to set light to something first, this could be your big chance.

No prizes for guessing who ‘writer’ is. If it’s not all too embarrassing, edited highlights will appear here afterwards. (If it is, there will just be a photo of the teeshirt.)

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