9 thoughts on “Audio at last!

  1. Happy to hear the audio book is on the way! I have greatly enjoyed your first 2 books read by Simon. I had hopes the audio book would be released in the US at the same time the hardcover so I could have it while my wife and I walked Hadrian’s wall. As it turned out we were to busy walking and exploring to listen to audio books – so I re-listened to Terra Incognita once I got back from the trip. Great stuff.

    1. Ah, it would have been a shame to spoil such a wonderful walk with the distractions of fiction! Did you walk the whole Wall?

  2. Yes, we walked from Wallsend to Bowness on Solway in 6 days. Beautiful countryside. Lots of photo opportunities. The crags around Once Brewed was an amazing walk. The Roman sites were very impressive. Loved the bath at Chollerford and the little temple of Mithras we found near a car park where someone was serving espresso from a cart.

    1. That’s truly impressive, Randy! What a fantastic way to spend a week. You must have seen far more on foot than you’d ever have seen any other way.

      I remember the Temple of Mithras well. Somewhere there’s an old of photo of me with friends at the nearby bus stop, all looking somewhat bedraggled. This was before they put the path in and we’d just slogged several miles along the road. We could have done with that espresso.

  3. Persona Non Grata has just became available at the Audible.com website! I’ve purchased and downloaded it and can’t wait to give it a listen.

    Nice to hear you’ve been to the Hadrian Wall sites before they became popular. See them before the path was established would have made one feel more like an explorer. Although for us the well marked path was appreciated. (even though we were seeing acorns in our sleep)

    By the way – Hadrian’s Wall was the cover story of this month’s Smithsonian Magazine here in the states.

    1. Oh, that’s good news Randy – thanks for letting me know. I hope you enjoy it after the long wait! They usually send a CD set so I’ll look forward to it arriving some day soon.

      That’s a nice article in the Smithsonian – I’ve just read it on the net.

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