Anyone for coffee?

Finally got organised to register for Poisoned Pen’s Webcon. I’ll be donning my pinny to host the chat in the Virtual Coffee Shop at 4.30-5 pm UK time tomorrow (Saturday 24th). If anyone’s around and would care to drop by, you’ll be most welcome.

I’ll be taking over from the excellent Jane Finnis, who’s making the coffee for the previous half-hour, so hopefully there will be some crossover*.  If it’s quiet we can have a chat over the washing-up about some gloriously obscure aspect of Roman Britain and the  fiction we both weave around it .

As regards the technical aspects  – ‘fraid I haven’t a clue how this sort of thing works, nor what time 4.30 will be across the rest of the virtual community, but people who DO know have made it all clear on the Webcon site.

*LATER – no there won’t, not unless something goes seriously wrong, as the final schedule says there should be a half-hour gap between us.  I’ll be sharing the hosting with Jenny White – hopefully that’s the right link!

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