Racing to save the Circus

Colchester Gazette poster Save Our Roman Circus

I’ve always appreciated Colchester’s Roman walls. They served as a landmark every morning from the windows of the school bus, reminding us that we were nearly at the bus station and if the homework wasn’t done by now, there was going to be trouble.

Fortunately the present-day citizens of Colchester are a lot more awake to their heritage.  Now that the site of Britain’s only Roman Circus has been discovered on their doorstep, they’re running a determined campaign to buy  some of the land and create a Visitor Centre so we can all see what our ancestors got up to on a day at the Chariot Races.

To see how they found the site and why it’s worth saving – and to watch a real chariot in action – sit back and enjoy the Time Team Special.

They only have until 28 February to raise the money. Let’s hope the gods are smiling on them.

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