Dreaming of digging?

Now here’s a better use of technology (better, that is, than seen below in ‘A matter of taste’).  There’s an extremely whizzy, and free, online magazine called ‘Past Horizons’ published by the BAJR – British Archaeological Jobs Resource.  It not only offers some fine photos and articles about archaeology all over the world, but explains how readers can get involved.

With luck,  this link should get you there. I was hoping to do something extremely clever that would make it appear before your very eyes within this blog, but the magic wand seems to have got stuck somewhere round a bend in the computer. Apologies.

A matter of taste

The folks who made my shiny new phone recently offered me the chance to download the text of  ‘Mansfield Park’ for free. Now I don’t often read novels by phone, but it seemed like a useful option if I were ever, for example, stuck in a slow queue somewhere. (Obviously, being English, I would not be expecting to strike up  long conversations with the people around me.)

Further down the screen, the nice people at Nokia suggested three more downloads that they considered to be related to my recent choice. Heaven only knows how their computers make these selections.

In the real world, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a married woman in possession of a copy of ‘Mansfield Park’ is unlikely to be in want of a game called ‘Fart Control’.