A matter of taste

The folks who made my shiny new phone recently offered me the chance to download the text of  ‘Mansfield Park’ for free. Now I don’t often read novels by phone, but it seemed like a useful option if I were ever, for example, stuck in a slow queue somewhere. (Obviously, being English, I would not be expecting to strike up  long conversations with the people around me.)

Further down the screen, the nice people at Nokia suggested three more downloads that they considered to be related to my recent choice. Heaven only knows how their computers make these selections.

In the real world, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a married woman in possession of a copy of ‘Mansfield Park’ is unlikely to be in want of a game called ‘Fart Control’.

5 thoughts on “A matter of taste

  1. Oh, that is precious. Thanks to Nokia, I will never be able to think of “Mansfield Park” the same way again! That particular juxtaposition makes me wonder if large numbers of 13-year-old boys are dipping into Jane Austen these days…

    I am seriously amused by the things that technology does _to_ us, as well as _for_ us.

    You might enjoy a look at the fascinating assistance I got from Google Voice. http://lafftur.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/no-babies-thank-god/

    Incredible to think that behind all of this is a series of ones and zeros.

  2. Ha! Still chuckling over Google’s creative translation. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

    Can I list you in my blogroll?


  3. You are right…we couldn’t make up stuff that would be that funny. It’s in
    my category of “if you put this in a movie, no one would believe it.”

    Oh, yes, please do list me in your blogroll…and I apologize…I should have asked you before I listed you in mine. Is it OK for me
    to continue listing you in mine?

    Keep watching…I’ve got some more doozies I’ll be posting in the next
    couple of days!


    1. I’ll look forward to them!

      I never know what the etiquette is about this blogroll thing – personally I’m flattered to be listed, but I just thought I’d better check… will pop across to the dashboard and do it now.



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