Crimefest starts tomorrow…

…which is both exciting and unfortunate, because it’s now gone 10pm and I haven’t started packing yet. This is because I foolishly promised the nice editors they would have the revised draft of Ruso 4 before the weekend. I also promised Husband to get several trays of seedlings planted out by the same deadline.

Planting was interrupted by having to move out of the way of a mother starling supervising her fluffy baby while it fluttered round the pond and fell in. Luckily baby starlings can swim.

Having spent several hours of daylight getting muddy, I’ve passed most of the evening staring at a computer screen.

If any of the lovely people reading this are planning to go to Crimefest,  please come and say hello. I will be the badly dressed one with the earthy fingernails and bloodshot eyes.

On second thoughts, you may want to slink quietly away.

One thought on “Crimefest starts tomorrow…

  1. LOL! I just had to chuckle. Clearly, Spring has decided that you need a bit more time away from your computer screen before having another go at poor Ruso. Wish I were there to attend Crimefest, if only to experience your good humour in person.

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