National Crime Fiction Week

It’s here at last – National Crime Fiction Week is happening here in the UK. Yes I know I should have mentioned this on Monday (sorry!), but there’s still time to catch plenty of events. Between now and Sunday crime writers will be popping up all over the place – the schedule is here.

Can”t make it to any of them? No need to feel left out. Jane Finnis is running a celebration over on her blog with, as she flatteringly puts it:

“a star-studded list of mystery authors joining me as blog guests throughout the week. Ruth Downie, Amy Myers, Donna Fletcher Crow, and first off, Tuesday’s author, Dolores Gordon-Smith.

They have three important things in common: they write mysteries with very strong historical connections, they’ve got new books out, and their books are unputdownable.

They’ll be telling us about their work, their settings and characters, the fascination of the eras they’ve chosen…and that’s not all. Do you know what the Romans believed they could cure with frogs’ ashes smeared on with pitch? Can you guess what, or who, was the Newgate Knocker? Drop by during the week, and you’ll discover the answers.”

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