Ruso and the Disappearing Paperback

Just in case anyone’s wondering where it’s gone…

Cover of Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing Girls

At the moment stocks of  ‘Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing Girls’* are pretty much sold out. Apologies to the people who’ve tried to get hold of it and can’t, but the nice people at Penguin say it should be available again by the end of the month.

LATER – meanwhile, if you have one of those thingies to read it on, you can buy it here from Penguin as an e-book.

*that’s the UK edition of Ruso and Tilla’s first adventure.

2 thoughts on “Ruso and the Disappearing Paperback

  1. Congratulations! I suppose this is the sort of announcement that an author can easily tolerate having to make, even repeatedly as necessary.

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