Bodies in the Bookshop

A bit of a last-minute post (tho’ it’s been on the Diary page for ages).

Just a reminder that should any kind reader be passing through Cambridge between 6 and 8 pm this evening, Heffers in Trinity Street will be stuffed with more crime writers and readers than one would have thought possible.  But there will always be room for one more – details are here.

2 thoughts on “Bodies in the Bookshop

  1. Ruth – a small fan note! Yours are about the only mysteries I read and chiefly because they are historical and I love the humor. Am envious of your close proximenty to so many ancient Roman archaeological sites. I live in Texas and its usually too hot to be outside – and no Roman digs! Thanks for the great stories.
    Judith Schara Caldwell

    1. Thanks for the kind comments, Judith. Yes, we’re incredibly lucky to have so much history beneath our feet here – and although we complain about excavating in “hot” weather, I suspect if you sampled it you’d fall about laughing!

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