Could you be a crime writer?

Now’s the time to find out by preparing your work for the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger. They need the first 3,000 words of your novel, plus a synopsis of the rest – plus an entry fee, of course, but this is a top competition that has provided a springboard for many a career.

Even if crime writing is not your ambition, the web pages have useful tips on presentation for any aspiring novelist – including hints on the dark art of composing a synopsis for the novel you haven’t written yet.

Normal service will be resumed shortly

Apologies for the recent quietness of the blog – we’ve been having a few technical problems here at Downie Towers. 

Strangely, the computer remains dead despite the application of the entire domestic repertoire of technical know-how.  This ranges from repeated grumbling to poking, slapping, switch-clicking and fuse-swapping, aided by the occasional cry from spouse of,  ‘Haven’t you got it working yet?’  (This last is always especially helpful.)

More soon, when we hope to have triumphed over technology. 

What more do they have to do?

Sadly, despite Tullie House Museum’s heroic fundraising efforts, the fabulous Roman Calvalry helmet has gone to another buyer. This is deeply disappointing for the campaigners, for the ordinary folk who shelled out donations, and for all the people who would have been able to see it on public display in its ‘home’ county.

Details are on the BBC website and just about everywhere else.  I guess there is a chance the buyer will turn out to be a benevolent soul who will lend it to the Museum. Or not. For something this important, we shouldn’t have to rely on benevolence. The law needs to be changed.

Chester Roman Festival: sooner than we thought

Dearest reader,

As anyone who’s seen Ruso and Tilla’s Facebook page will know, the sacred chickens have been consulted, the entrails have been read and the scheduled date for Chester’s Roman Festival has been declared inauspicious. It will now be taking place a week earlier – on the first weekend of June, i.e. 4th and 5th.

Sounds like hard work for the organisers, but for the rest of us it’s not so long to wait…