Reading Group Choices

When I first joined a reading group, I was very impressed by one of our members who knew how to track down discussion questions on the Internet. She would print them out for the rest of us to ponder while we relaxed in comfy chairs and consumed whatever goodies our host had been kind enough to provide. A few years later, there are whole groups who use the net to ‘meet’ (while presumably supplying their own chairs and biscuits).

There’s also plenty of useful material on the net to support people who still prefer to discuss their books in person. I’ve just been enjoying a visit to Reading Group Choices as one of their ‘Authors on the Bookcase‘. The welcome was warm and their pages are full of good things although sadly, as this was a virtual visit, the contents of their biscuit-tin remain a mystery to me.

2 thoughts on “Reading Group Choices

  1. Enjoyed the interview, Ruth. I belong to a mystery book group where each leader chooses the book and it does indeed offer an opportunity to the members to stretch our reading. However, we have found there are limits – extreme gore and child abuse are not acceptable reading.

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