‘Medicus’ e-book for free!

To celebrate the publication of Caveat Emptor, the nice people at Bloomsbury USA are giving away a free e-book of ‘Medicus’ – for the next few days only.

As it’s the American edition, I’m in the bizarre position of not being able to download my own book – tho’ since umpteen versions of it are splattered all over the computer here, that’s hardly a problem. But if you live in the USA (and for all I know it may be available in other countries too), try one of these links to grab it while you can:

for Nook

for Kindle

for Google e-books

UPDATE – thanks to Gene for pointing out that Canadian readers can find it here:

for Kobo

8 thoughts on “‘Medicus’ e-book for free!

  1. Wonderful! I’ve listened to the first few titles, am reading Caveat Emptor from the library, and now can have Medicus on my Kindle to re-read! Thanks so much (and the link for the Kindle DID work.)

  2. I imagine I’m a few days late on that one, lol!

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I enjoyed Caveat Emptor. The reader in me is anxious for the next one, and the writer in me knows it’ll be a bit.

    1. Thank you Pepper! And yes, it’ll be a while… for all the reasons I’m sure you understand only too well. Meantime it might be worth trying the ebook offer: I think they were going to extend the dates.

  3. Downloaded Medicus from the Kobo site in Canada last week. I’m halfway through and loving it! As an avid reader of things Roman, I’m so excited that you now have 3 other books in these series. Keep up the good work, and I hope to be reading the stories of Ruso for a long, long time!

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