Quick! Grab a 99-cent bargain!

The good folk at Bloomsbury USA have gone positively wild celebrating the release of ‘Caveat Emptor.’  They’ve now made the second Ruso adventure, ‘Terra Incognita’, briefly available in e-book form in North America for a mere 99 cents. Sorry I don’t have the links but I’m assuming it’s the same sources as before – Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Google.

4 thoughts on “Quick! Grab a 99-cent bargain!

  1. for a short time, Medicus was free at Kindle. I got it, read it through most of the night and now I’m an addict, ready to read all of the rest IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Got a new Kindle for Christmas … found Medicus for free and then Terra Incognita for 99 cents! Couldn’t believe my luck … TI went off sale two days after I downloaded it! I began reading Medicus last night and am HOOKED. Glad to see that there are more Ruso/Tilla books out there. Am enjoying Medicus tremendously! Thanks!!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it, Leah! I’ve just bought my first ever eBook (as opposed to the classics that come free) and have to say it’s a great way to read. No good for the bath but great for lying in bed.

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