Ruso and the River of Darkness

Cover of Ruso and the River of Darkness

A story about death, taxes, and angry barbarians

Hooray! Ruso and the River of Darkness, the British edition of Ruso and Tilla’s fourth adventure, will be in the bookshops very soon.

The ebook will be available at the same time from, er…  well, from wherever  people get ebooks.

It’s a story of death, taxes, angry barbarians and the legacy of Queen Boudica. Find out more here.

Tomorrow is Save our Libraries Day

… and here’s the link to the map of events. The scale of the proposed closures in some places (you can see it here) beggars belief.

I worked in a library for twelve years, and I was proud to work in a service that was both valuable and valued – by the users, if not by some of the decision-makers. Much of the research for the Ruso books was, and is, done through libraries.  I’d never have had the confidence, the background knowledge  or the cash to get started any other way.

Meanwhile,  Stony Stratford library could be about to receive a small but not unwelcome windfall. Having borrowed every single item to protest at the possible closure (see ‘Wot no books?’ below), the excellent and resourceful residents now face the challenge of remembering to take all 16,000 things back on time -or pay the fines.