Ruso and the River of Darkness

Cover of Ruso and the River of Darkness

A story about death, taxes, and angry barbarians

Hooray! Ruso and the River of Darkness, the British edition of Ruso and Tilla’s fourth adventure, will be in the bookshops very soon.

The ebook will be available at the same time from, er…  well, from wherever  people get ebooks.

It’s a story of death, taxes, angry barbarians and the legacy of Queen Boudica. Find out more here.

16 thoughts on “Ruso and the River of Darkness

    1. Excellent! Thanks for the info, Adam. I think that’s the same day Amazon have the print copies listed for release.

      (I can’t help thinking Ruso would have liked an iPad. He’d have been blind to its social uses but seen all sorts of possibilities for medical apps. Tilla would have scorned it as a boy’s toy, Albanus would have seen it as a dangerous rival to his clerical skills and Valens would have bought himself a top-of-the-range model and expected Ruso to show him how to work it.)

  1. Thank goodness the audio version is out now! I can hardly wait to finish my download so I can curl up with my roman friends!

  2. Hi Ruth

    My copy of Ruso And The River of Darkness arrived today, much to my surprise as I thought it wasn’t out until Thursday. Anyway, I’m one of those dreadful readers who flick to the Author’s Note & Acknowledgments at the back before starting the novel (tsk, tsk) and I see that you mention Sam Moorhead & the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Did you know he won this year’s Archaeologist of the Year Award? (Source CBA tweet, or is it twit?). Now to meet up again with Ruso and Tilla…

    1. No I didn’t know, Sarah – thanks for the news! It’s richly deserved and he certainly had my vote. Now while you settle down with Ruso and Tilla I’m off to spread the good news and then sign up to follow the CBA on Twitter…

  3. ruth–

    i am right now enjoying ‘caveat emptor.’ and, of course, i do not want to finish it…

    my two favorite laugh-out-loud lines so far:

    “Firmus did not want to appear…as the man who had been fool enough to upset the Iceni AGAIN.” having read about queen boudica, i take his point.

    “He closed his eyes and tried to picture himself in his consulting rooms…Tilla would be looking after their scrubbed and smiling children and doing things to food in the kitchen.” i too, ‘do things to food in the kitchen.’

    we are heading to rome in may, and i cannot wait to experience some of ruso’s world!

    once again, many many thanks for such wonderful work.

    1. Have a wonderful time in Rome – and I hope your attempts to do things to food are more successful than Tilla’s!

      1. ha! sadly, i do worse things to food than does tilla. i also meant to mention how truky happy i am to see Albanus again. he is truly one of the good guys. one of the quirky good guys, for sure, but among them nonetheless.

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