Festival of History

No blogs for a fortnight, then two in two days – but this one’s just a quick reminder.

All over the country, re-enactors are brushing their uniforms, polishing their armour and praying for fine weather  for the English Heritage Festival of History on 16/17 July. Here’s a link to the on-site Festival of Historical Literature , where a great selection of  well-known historical writers and their books will be safely under the cover of a marquee.

The whole thing’s happening at Kelmarsh Hall, which is between Northampton and Market Harborough. I’m told there can be queues for the car park, so if you have a specific event in mind, it’s best to turn up early.

Meanwhile there’s a rather fine introductory video that springs into life when you click on the English Heritage Festival web page. Well it does on my computer, anyway.


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