Bodies in the Bookshop

…is the annual attempt by the staff of Heffers in Cambridge to see how many crime readers and writers can be crammed into one shop before everyone passes out for lack of oxygen.

Tuesday was the 21st anniversary of this delightful event, so naturally there was cake.  The chap wielding the knife here is Heffers’ criminal mastermind, Richard Reynolds.

Richard Reynolds cutting cake with Crime Scene tape icing

One thought on “Bodies in the Bookshop

  1. It was a good do, wasn’t it? Heffers have a terrific following among mystery readers, and their crime fiction department must be one of the best in the UK. I wish I lived nearer to Cambridge, so I could shop there and go to their various writing-related events. On second thoughts maybe it’s just as well I have a four-hour journey from home to Heffers; it doesn’t stop me going down for an occasion like “Bodies in the Bookshop” but it makes it impossible for me to pop in there every week and buy yet more loads of books!

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