Along the twisting paths of the internet

I don’t often pay attention to the interior workings of WordPress – the part that’s labelled ‘Dashboard’ where the author of a blog is supposed to take control. Usually I stab timidly at the occasional button and retreat, vowing to come back and get the hang of it one day.

However, today I am delighted to read that someone has reached this page by doing a search for the words ‘disposable picnic boxes’.

I have no idea who or where you are (which is as it should be), nor how you got here or indeed why*, but you are very welcome.


*Ah… a further thought… something to do with the post on Japan, perhaps?

Somewhat preoccupied

The deadline for the manuscript of Ruso 5 is getting very close now. How I wish I could say the same for the end of the book. Meanwhile this is my excuse for being even vaguer than usual, as is evidenced below:

1) I am driving along the motorway while Husband, the first victim for any manuscript, sits next to me reading Ruso 5 – The Story so Far. Husband has a tendency to mutter odd words as he reads, hence when I hear the word ‘Sixth’ mentioned more than once, I smile in recognition. He has reached the passage about the arrival of the Sixth Legion! I say nothing to distract him.  I am somewhat surprised when he repeats the word for the third time, louder. It seems he is particularly impressed with this passage. Then he adds, ‘Gear.’ I ponder this for a moment, thinking of armour and shields.

‘Sixth gear!’ repeats husband, amazed that I am ignoring his helpful reminder. ‘You’re doing over seventy. Don’t you look at the rev counter?’

Er, no. My eyes are on the road. Clearly my mind is not.

2)  I have just returned from yet another 200-mile drive (a frequent occurrence when you live in the West Country) and barely taken the coat off when a young man phones needing some information for a form. We confirm Husband’s initials and then he says, ‘And your name is Arthur Ruth?’

‘Just Ruth,’ I say, puzzled. ‘Not Arthur.’


‘No, not Arthur,’ I repeat, ‘Just Ruth,’ adding, ‘I don’t know where the Arthur came from.’ ( mailmerge, I suspect, but don’t say so).

‘No, not Arthur,’ he repeats, with the patient voice of someone who clearly thinks he is dealing with a total nitwit, ‘I said, R for Ruth.’

I hope to rejoin the real world shortly after 31 December. Meanwhile, dear reader, please bear with me.

Persona Non Grata on Kindle

… or rather, NOT on Kindle at the moment due to a technical hitch. Apologies to anyone who’s tried to download it in the last few days.   The folk at Bloomsbury are on the case, and it’ll be back very soon.

Many thanks to Sandy and Vicky, who got in touch to ask where it was.