Along the twisting paths of the internet

I don’t often pay attention to the interior workings of WordPress – the part that’s labelled ‘Dashboard’ where the author of a blog is supposed to take control. Usually I stab timidly at the occasional button and retreat, vowing to come back and get the hang of it one day.

However, today I am delighted to read that someone has reached this page by doing a search for the words ‘disposable picnic boxes’.

I have no idea who or where you are (which is as it should be), nor how you got here or indeed why*, but you are very welcome.


*Ah… a further thought… something to do with the post on Japan, perhaps?

8 thoughts on “Along the twisting paths of the internet

  1. That’s so brilliant – to be known as the Roman author who writes on disposable picnic boxes!

      1. It was about two weeks or so after someone got to my site that way that the news articles started popping up about her, so I had a couple of weeks to wonder what was up. It was nice to finally find out what was going on.

      2. She was kidnapped as a baby, given to a couple who illegally adopted her, and then kidnapped again by the original kidnapper when she was four. It wasn’t until she was in her forties and had a daughter of her own that she reconnected with the adopted parents, and a few months after that that her birth mother turned up. The woman who kidnapped her dragged her around with her for years until she was old enough to strike out on her own. The kidnapper took the identities of her mother and adopted parents with her to the grave. It was later sleuthing by a woman in a records department that pointed her toward the adopted parents, and the story showing up on TV that brought it to her birth mother’s attention.

        There’s a link to a magazine article about her in the sidebar of my blog. Any time she’s in the news, my blog and website get inundated by people looking for her.

      3. Wow, what a story. And, because real life isn’t as tidy as fiction, the motive of the kidnapper remains completely baffling. Thanks, Pepper.

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