Romans on Patrol around York

Should you happen to be in York tomorrow, look out for some unexpected Romans patrolling the walls. They’ll be members and staff of the Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC), dressed in Roman kit and attempting to  walk six laps of the city to raise money for the  YAC Branches.

Marker in pavement showing position of Roman gateway

No, those aren’t Roman boots – they’re Doc Martens.  And what’s below isn’t the Roman Fortress either.  Tho’ I guess it might include some of the original stone.

Walking the walls of York

Map showing the walk around the Walls

Things have changed a little in the last 1900 years.  It’s clear from the map I photographed last summer (well it is to me, but I fear the picture may come out a bit blurry) that the YAC will be walking much further than the original garrison would have needed to go. The walls reach way beyond the original Roman fort, so the modern patrol will be defending the local civilians as well.

Weather and blisters permitting, they’ll enjoy some fine views of a very lovely city. And, with luck, raise some cash for a good cause. There’s more info. here, along with the chance to sponsor them.

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