Want a book? Go to the phone box.

Hats off to the fine folk of Sheepwash, who have found a great new use for their beautiful red phone box and turned it into a book exchange.

It’s entirely appropriate, since they’re only a couple of miles away from Totleigh Barton,  where the Arvon Foundation run residential courses for budding writers. Ah, those photos bring back happy memories…

4 thoughts on “Want a book? Go to the phone box.

  1. What a great idea! Our library in Hunmanby is scheduled for closure, maybe we could set up something similar, though I don’t think we have a red phone box anywhere near…but the concept is a winner!

  2. That’s a wonderful idea. One of the memories I have of my trips through Great Britain are the iconic red phone booths. I’m glad to see these still being put to a good use.

    As regards book exchanges, we do a similar thing at the soup kitchen and food bank where I volunteer. We put out stacks of books for folks to help themselves to, and especially a carousel of children’s books. It is, to my mind, as important to feed the imagination as it is the body. Those who show up for a meal or a food box are welcome to take whatever books strike their fancy, and we encourage our volunteers (and others) to donate good quality books to help us restock the shelves.

    I’m quite looking forward to volume 5 of your series. I may have to re-read the others while waiting.


  3. “It is, to my mind, as important to feed the imagination as it is the body.”
    Absolutely, Tim. A book exchange in conjunction with a food bank? That’s a truly inspired idea.

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