More Romans in Wales

Seems the Romans were more successful than their descendants at defeating the Welsh.  Here’s another BBC video, with some nice footage of  Caerleon amphitheatre ‘then and now’, and some shots of sunny excavations that make me eager to get back in the mud with a trowel. Watch out for the boat being rowed by zombies.

3 thoughts on “More Romans in Wales

  1. I remember in the mid-1980s talking to an archaeologist about Caerleon, and him observing that he’d first been puzzled by what he thought was an apparent lack of adequate defences. He was thinking of the kind of scenario outlined by Rosemary Sutcliff at the start of The Eagle of the Ninth, as well as twice in Frontier Wolf.
    Then he had realised that there could be up to 5,000 of the world’s finest troops inside Caerleon, making any direct assault by unfriendly locals suicidal…

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Jonathan.

    John – Yes, absolutely. It would be one thing tackling a small detachment of soldiers you didn’t like the look of, but quite another taking on a whole Legion. At least, that’s how it looks to us. How wonderful it would be to find something – anything at all! – recording the uncensored views of the locals on the occupying power.

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