Now you see it… now you don’t. Now you see it.

I was deeply disappointed – outraged, actually – when the wonderful Roman cavalry helmet found at Crosby Garrett was auctioned a couple of years ago. Tullie House Museum, who would have put it on public display, couldn’t outbid the offer of two million pounds made by a private buyer, and one of the most exciting Roman finds Britain has seen for years disappeared from sight.

And now it’s back! It’s not for sale. It’s not in a museum. It’s not for ever. But for a few brief months, the Crosby Garrett helmet is on display at the Royal Academy, as part of their Bronze exhibition. I’m hoping to catch it before it vanishes again on 9 December.

2 thoughts on “Now you see it… now you don’t. Now you see it.

  1. Hi Ruth,
    Wouldn’t it be grand if they could still be able to find artifacts from Varus’ lost legions in the Teutoburg Forest?

    1. Absolutely, Patrick. I’m not too hot on German archaeology but there’s an interesting Smithsonian article about it here –
      Have you seen the publicity about the early German fort that’s just come to light? It seems they’ve found hobnails from the boots of Julius Caesar’s troops. I’d imagine that must send a shiver down the spine!

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