Locked in a battle with technology

Apologies to anyone who might have been trying to browse the ‘Books’ page in the last hour or so. While attempting to type in a review of SEMPER FIDELIS I realised that parts of the page seemed to have gone for a wander since I last aligned them.

Unfortunately sorting out this kind of thing seems to be like trying to stuff an octopus into a string bag. You get one part straight and something else goes unexpectedly awry. The only way to find out which of the octopus’s legs is currently hanging out seems to be to update the page and look at what’s happened to it now. Which means that, were anyone to have nothing better to do than peruse “The Books” for half an hour (unlikely, I know) they would have seen various images and chunks of text dancing in and out as if they were performing the Hokey Cokey.

Fortunately they would not have heard the dark mutterings that accompanied this performance here at Downie Towers. Hopefully, it’s all OK now. I need to put up a separate page for “Book V” but I think I’m going to go and lie down in a darkened room instead.

Publication Day!

Cover of SemperFidelisDear friends of Ruso and Tilla in Britain – please excuse the cheesy grin while I celebrate the publication of SEMPER FIDELIS in the US and Canada. The quickest reader off the mark has to be Laurie, whose insomnia led her to discover a pre-ordered copy downloaded to her Kindle in the middle of the night. (She’s the one now dozing quietly in the corner.)

This is traditionally a nervous moment for authors – and not just for modern ones. Here are a few words from a writer anticipating his readers’ reactions some time before 63 B.C. …

“So ends the episode of Nicanor, and as, since then, the city has remained in the possession of the Hebrews, I shall bring my own work to an end here too. If it is well composed and to the point, that is just what I wanted. If it is trashy and mediocre, that is all I could manage. Just as it is injurious to drink wine by itself, or again water, whereas wine mixed with water is pleasant and produces a delightful sense of well-being, so skill in presenting the incidents is what delights the understanding of those who read the story. On that note I will close.” 
(2 Maccabees Ch 15, vs 37-39, The Jerusalem Bible)

It’s 2013! And the free books go to…

Happy New Year to everyone,  and thanks so much to all of you who entered last year’s draw to win a copy of SEMPER FIDELIS. Almost the final act of 2012 here at Downie Towers was the drawing-out of three names from a “hat” that looked remarkably like a bag.

The winners are:

Sian  – from Cambridge

Wayne – from Durham

Sue E. – address t.b.c.

Congratulations! You’ll be receiving a signed copy of SEMPER FIDELIS very soon.

Sorry to everybody who didn’t get one. I’d hoped to be able to tell you by now when the book will be published in the UK but I still haven’t got a date.  Anyway, as soon as I know what’s happening I will attempt to splatter it across the internet. (That’s when I’ve stopping dancing around the living room and shrieking with delight.)