It’s 2013! And the free books go to…

Happy New Year to everyone,  and thanks so much to all of you who entered last year’s draw to win a copy of SEMPER FIDELIS. Almost the final act of 2012 here at Downie Towers was the drawing-out of three names from a “hat” that looked remarkably like a bag.

The winners are:

Sian  – from Cambridge

Wayne – from Durham

Sue E. – address t.b.c.

Congratulations! You’ll be receiving a signed copy of SEMPER FIDELIS very soon.

Sorry to everybody who didn’t get one. I’d hoped to be able to tell you by now when the book will be published in the UK but I still haven’t got a date.  Anyway, as soon as I know what’s happening I will attempt to splatter it across the internet. (That’s when I’ve stopping dancing around the living room and shrieking with delight.)

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