News at last! Release date for US/Canada will be 11 March and the narrator WILL be Simon Vance. Excellent!

Thanks to Laurie for spotting the relevant page on the Tantor Publishing site.

Any news on UK rights will appear here as soon as I have it.

15 thoughts on “SEMPER FIDELIS audio

  1. YEAH!! i just ordered my book from Book Passages in San Francisco, CA Congrats Ruth!!


  2. Hi Ruth

    I’ve forwarded this and the previous message to Alan the Librarian.


  3. I’m so excited by this news. Mr. Vance’s voice IS Ruso to me. I can’t imagine any other narrator voicing your books! And he is one of the best in the biz…

  4. Sincere congratulations on the launch of ‘Semper Fidelis’ from here in far Anticthones.

    (In 50AD Roman geographer Pomponius Mela identified a southern continent which he called ‘Antichthones’, which some people believe indicates present day Australia)

    1. Thank you Ray. Hope things in the Antichthones will cool down for you soon – it doesn’t look good on our TV screens.

  5. Congratulations and great news! I’ve been eager for the next Ruso book for a while, and I love Vance as narrator.

  6. hi ruth!

    thank you for ‘semper fidelis!’ it has been very nice reading other readers’ comments. i’ll add to them.

    it really was fun to follow tilla as she became even more of a free agent. and to watch as ruso learned–with some trepidation–to trust her instincts a little more. one characteristic of a great marriage, as another reader sort of alluded to, is that you cannot recall the couple ever NOT being together, so seamless is their interaction. that is how i feel about ruso and tilla.

    i loved, LOVED sabina. her motivations remained such an interesting mystery throughout the book. but tilla’s understanding of her isolation seemed to enable sabina to show compassion. or at least a little kindness. for a moment or two. the fact that it came from such an unlikely source as a briton woman made it all the more moving. how strange to be a key member of the royal family, but still so unnecessary and peripheral.

    finally, i so hope that tilla becomes a medicus…!

    on another topic: i am so glad the Pompeii/Herculaneum exhibit is coming to you. it was here in new york city in 2011, and it is breathtaking. beautiful, compelling, heartbreaking. we saw it twice, and each time enjoyed it–if that is the word–immensely.

    i hope you are enjoying writing the sixth book as much as we are looking forward to reading it.


  7. It’s a sad shame that we Kindle users are not given the same prompt access as hardback and audio customers, to new publications by (some) authors and publishers. Before I ran out of bookcase-space, I bought all your previous books in hardback. Others I have spoken to who have also been driven towards the ebook format, have said they will not buy those authors who have different publication dates for different formats, even when the books do become available in ebook.
    I think you have probably lost a lot of potential readers by following this policy, whereas writers like Lindsey Davies, who publishes in all formats on the same day will only increase her readership.

    1. Hi Pam,

      Firstly, thanks for buying the earlier books – I hope you enjoyed them.

      I’m assuming you’re not in the USA, because the ebook and hardback of SEMPER FIDELIS came out there at the same time. I take your point, though, and I’m very sorry if I’ve lost readers through the problem of not getting all formats published everywhere at the same time. I do understand that it’s very frustrating and it’s certainly nothing to do with a bias against ebooks – I’m a Kindle user myself.

      Although we pass on readers’ feedback, very few writers have any control over what their publishers do, or indeed whether they decide to publish at all: these things depend on factors to which authors are not privy. So while I can understand your exasperation, it’s certainly not caused by a policy that any writer would choose to adopt, and it’s a shame for all of us if you and others have decided to boycott people’s work on that basis.

      The publication of SEMPER FIDELIS in the UK has been horribly complicated. I gather that the ebook will be out before long, and I’ll take some small comfort from the thought that you might have wanted to buy it had it been published earlier. Meanwhile please excuse me while I go away and bang my head against the wall!

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