Ruso at the Seaside for World Book Day – 7 March

I’ll be deep in the Celtic heartlands to celebrate World Book Day this Thursday, taking Ruso and Tilla  to Ilfracombe Library.  Dug the Iron Age Man (not a character, but a facial reconstruction) will be there too. There will be an element of suspense to the proceedings, for me if not for everyone else, as I foolishly said I would dress up in Roman Lady kit and am now wondering whether I will get through the evening without falling over it.

To find out, join us at 6.30 pm. Tickets are £2 and you can get them from the Library.


5 thoughts on “Ruso at the Seaside for World Book Day – 7 March

  1. Wonderful!! well i took Ruso and Tilla with me on my travels to Melbourne/Sydney and Brisbane with me for 3 weeks. LOVED the book. Virana is too cute.

  2. i’m getting ready to take ruso & tilla to kansas this week! wish we could go deep in the celtic heartlands as well though – world book day sounds like fun!! hope the roman lady kit lets you stay vertical, miss ruth!!

  3. Lori and Penny, thanks for taking Ruso and Tilla to new places! Leah, there will be pictures if I manage to remember the camera. Whether they will appear here depends on how embarrassing they are…

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