At last… Semper Fidelis in the UK!

Cover of Semper Fidelis Finally, the untold story of Hadrian’s visit to Britannia is released in print in the province!  Read all about it here.

If your local bookshop doesn’t have a copy on the shelf, they should be able to order it.  As should your local library.

To the people who have been asking where it is – you know who you are! – thank you for your patience.   To anyone who’s thinking, “Shouldn’t that be ‘the previously untold…’?” – yes it should, but I’ve already had to ruin the flow of the sentence by putting ‘in print’ in there.  So now I’m off to drown my inner pedant with a celebratory cup of tea.

4 thoughts on “At last… Semper Fidelis in the UK!

  1. The good people of the UK get to see Downton Abbey before those of us on the other side of the pond while we get to read Semper Fidelis in the US before you all. (Long before you, I might add)

    There must be some obscure international agreement that precludes the simultaneous release of such eagerly anticipated things. I tend to believe in the law of unintended consequences rather than carefully and deviously thought out conspiracies. You never know, the offending language might have been carelessly included in the 1783 Treaty of Paris which ended the American Revolutionary War.

    At any rate, having got there first, I can highly recommend Semper Fidelis as a most enjoyable read. The story, characters, and setting continue every bit as good and as much fun as Ms. Downie’s previous books.

    Phil Hall
    Oregon, USA

    1. Thank you Phil! You’re very kind. I’ve always thought the reason for the delay resided in the labyrinthine workings of the publishing world, but since some of their practices probably date back to the 18th century, you’re probably right…

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