Last month I didn’t know what a Blog Hop was…

…and now I’m about to be in one. Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment and edification, this coming Thursday a varied group of writers will be presenting a round of blog posts entitled:

Blog Hop logo August 15 to 19 2013

Goodness knows what will be on offer as to the best of my knowledge, hardly anyone knows what anyone else has chosen to write about, However, rumour has it that there will be book giveaways. My piece will be posted here on Thursday along with links to all the others, and  I’m looking forward to some good reading.

4 thoughts on “Last month I didn’t know what a Blog Hop was…

    1. Me too, Barbara! The others seem to be keeping their plans close to their chests so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

  1. This looks like fun! I’ll be following it, though maybe a bit patchily over the weekend as I’ll be at St. Hilda’s…but I’m sure everyone will have a hopping good time.

    1. Thanks Jane! Have a wonderful time at St Hilda’s.

      (For those who don’t know, this is a crime fiction conference held in an Oxford college. What could be more civilised?)

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