Io, that was Saturnalia!

There’s a marvellous video of this year’s Deva celebrations on YouTube. Somewhere in there you may spot the author of the Empire series, Anthony Riches (dressed as a centurion), the Emperor Domitian (being suitably megalomanic) and yours truly. An extra treat was the combination of Saturnalia with the Winter Watch parade, which made for a truly spectacular evening’s entertainment.


8 thoughts on “Io, that was Saturnalia!

  1. That looks like fun, Ruth! Thank you for all your entertaining posts this year, and here’s wishing you and all of us a very happy 2016, or should I say Felix MMDCCLXX A.U.C. Jane (and Aurelia!)

    1. Thank you Jane! All the very best for 2016 – will we be seeing a new Aurelia Marcella mystery? (And incidentally, I hope you’re not underwater right now…)

  2. That was great, thanks, Ruth. I found you in your cloak but at first I though it was Tilla … Happy New Year~ !

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