Eboracum Roman Festival – counting down to 1 June!

Poster for Eboracum Roman FestivalI know… no blog posts for ages, and then two in a row. But just in case anyone’s missed the publicity so far… Eboracum Roman Festival is coming very soon, and it’s going to be spectacular.

There’s a splendid programme of events for all ages, and much of the festival is freely open to the public. Clicking here will take you to the page where you can book for the things that aren’t. There’s also more detail about individual events on the Facebook page.

I’ll be around over the weekend, sharing the Novelists’ Table with  fellow-scribes including SJA Turney, and giving a talk on Saturday afternoon in York Explore – the library and archive centre. Come and say hello, enter the draw to win a free book, and admire my lovely nearly-new Roman shoes, of which I’m very proud!






5 thoughts on “Eboracum Roman Festival – counting down to 1 June!

  1. Hi Ruth, Are you wanting me to circulate this to CLASPWEB (which I can’t do until I’m back here later) or have you done so? Regards Tony Sent from my iPhone

  2. I’ve tried and failed to get through, Tony. I’ll try again but if you don’t see anything appear, I’d be grateful for your help.

    1. LATER – no, still can’t get through. Yahoo groups seem to be ‘look don’t touch’ for my computer. Please could you circulate the link to the programme? I’m sure there’s lots there that CLASP members would enjoy – some top archaeologists speaking.

  3. ruth–

    for starters, have a wonderful time at the festival. and for finishers, i am SO EXCITED that the next book is coming out! just pre-ordered it, and thank you again for the gift of ruso and tilla. YAY!

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