Caption Competition winner!

Mosaic of two men

Many thanks to everyone who’s kept Downie Towers chuckling over the last couple of weeks with captions for the mosaic, both here and on Facebook. Special mentions go to:

Paul Bennett for, “Honey, I shrunk the Emperor.”

Ian Hobbs for, “I don’t care how proud you are, you cannot send a picture of that over Twitter!”

Helen Hollick for, “(Man standing:) ‘Look Ruso, if you really want to get that First Aid book of yours written do it somewhere else, I’m here to rehearse the lavy scene with Mr Jacobi for the BBC series I Claudius. And in answer to your question, no I don’t think sitting here in the buff will cure you of writer’s block.’ ”

Jonathan Palfrey for, “And you thought you could win the Virility Trophy with that? Next!”

but… the overall UK winner of a copy of VITA BREVIS is

CORVIA, with, “Which part of ‘Toga Party’ didn’t you understand?”

Congratulations, Corvia! I’ll email you to find out where to send the book.


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