Eboracum 2017 – join the Roman army!

Hoarding advertising Roman Festival

Soldiers address children
Right. Line up, you lot. And get that hair cut! Half of you look like a bunch of girls!
Display of writing materials
Write and tell your Mum you’ll be home in twenty years.
Souvenir stall, Roman-style
You’ll travel to distant places and collect exotic souvenirs.
Display of food
The Legion will feed you.
Weaver working at loom
The Legion will clothe you.
Centurion with microphone
Our friendly centurions…
Soldiers marching
…will teach you how to march.
Soldiers marching around arena
and march…
Soldiers marching
and march…
Legionaries in armour
(did we mention the marching?)
Soliders with drawn swords
…and fight.
Soliders surround civilians
And how to round up civilians who make trouble.
Man explaining display of medical instruments
If anything goes wrong, our highly-trained doctors will look after you.
Another display of medical instruments with bloodstains
Using the very latest equipment.
Centurion in straw hat. Soldiers
In time, you too may become a Centurion.
Soldier without armour (Graham Harris)
Or a festival organiser
Smartly dressed Tribune and lady
But without the right connections, you will never become a tribune and wear this splendid helmet.
Display of archaeology in tent
In the distant future, people like this will dig up your rubbish and display it to the public. Yes, really.
Writers talking to people over book displays.
And people like these will write books about you. (L to R – Ben Kane, Sandra G-Neville, ? , Harry Sidebottom, Penny Ingham)
Alex Gough and Simon Turney
Alex Gough and Simon (SJA) Turney
Jane Finnis
Jane Finnis
John Salter and Brian Young in Roman military kit
John Salter and Brian Young
Ruth with books
and another one.

Finally – as a reward for all that marching, people will remember you and your Emperor with parades through the streets of Eboracum, and a splendid Festival.









16 thoughts on “Eboracum 2017 – join the Roman army!

  1. “The armies of ancient Rome are marching on York”β€”don’t say that too loudly or you might get what you wished for! I read time-travel stories; I could easily accept the idea of one or more Roman legions materializing out of time just outside modern York. I don’t think the soldiers would have much patience with the eccentric behaviour and refusal to speak Latin of the local barbarians.

    1. Yes, the Brittunculi might prove a bit troublesome! But for that one weekend, the soldiers would have felt well at home in the Museum gardens.

  2. This festival looks like so much fun! Wish I wasn’t so far away (Canada). Maybe next year! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. It was excellent, as is your article!! Now I know who I’m looking at, I’ll come over and chat next year LOL.

    I came back to Harry & Bens lectures in the evening. A really good day out.



    1. If I’d realised you were there I’d have said hello, John! Next year! Glad you enjoyed the day, and I thought Ben’s and Harry’s talks were excellent.

  4. Thank you do very much for these pictures. I wish I could have been there, but here in Oklahoma, USA we have not yet been discovered. I love your Tilla and Russo. Elaine Corman Oklahoma City, OK, USA

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Amazingly, although the Emperor’s men know nothing of your vast land across the western seas, that Tribune and his lady came all the way from a city called Los Angeles! Glad you enjoyed the photos, Elaine. πŸ™‚

  5. I was just listening to a recent adventure with Russo and Tilla via recorded book. Oh how I’d love to attend EBORACUM 2018, if it’s to be held. Do keep your readers around the world up to date on plans for future celebrations of all things Roman.

    1. Lots of us are hoping they’ll do it again next year, Marilee – when we find out I’ll spread the word! πŸ™‚

  6. Fabulous photos, Ruth β€” outdone only by your tongue-in-cheek comments!

    FYI, I’m in Rome at the moment. Big plans to sightsee have been undone by 95 degree heat (35 degrees C). Now I understand why everyone who could afford it fled to the hills or the seaside in the summer!

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