MEMENTO MORI is almost here!

Cover of Memento Mori, US editionNot long now till Ruso and Tilla’s latest adventure goes public!  It’s the story of their fateful trip to the busy shrine at Aquae Sulis (Bath) and you can find out more here

…or listen to Simon Vance reading an excerpt from the book at Tantor Media.

On the left is Bloomsbury’s beautiful US edition. The British edition will follow soon – the cover design is still under wraps but I promise it will be worth waiting for! Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know when it’s being released – if you’d like to join them, please sign up here.


Graphic of sculpture women discussing launch date of Memento Mori
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14 thoughts on “MEMENTO MORI is almost here!

  1. Hi Ruth,

    One of my Birthday presents is a Waterstones voucher intended for buying ‘Memento Mori’, so the sooner it’s published the better…



    1. Excellent plan! I’m considering drinking champagne and lounging around in silk pyjamas. Although that would mean obtaining a) champagne b) stupidly expensive pyjamas. Maybe I’ll just tidy the office.

      1. I know right? I can’t get anything done on release day, except refreshing review pages over and over. XD

      1. Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date 🙂 On the plus side I get to re-read Ruso and Tilla’s adventures again whilst waiting for the new book. I’ve also introduced my daughter to them, hoping she likes them as much as I do!

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