MEMENTO MORI – the new book is out today!

I’m delighted to say that MEMENTO MORI, the story of Ruso and Tilla’s trip to Aquae Sulis (Bath) should be available on both sides of the Atlantic today! You can read the beginning here and listen to Simon Vance reading part of the story here.

This is what it looks like in the US:

Cover of Memento Mori, US edition

and here’s the British edition:

cover of Memento Mori

The small print – The UK is just ebook at the moment but paper copies should be out very soon. Someone’s just asked about Australia and I’ll be checking that later today. Meanwhile, off to celebrate!

14 thoughts on “MEMENTO MORI – the new book is out today!

  1. Woohoo! Into it!
    Thank you for all your hard work, Ruth.
    Amazing how invested I’ve become in these characters.
    All the best

  2. Ruth
    Waterstones have just told me it won’t be available in print until June! 😔


  3. Ruth,
    Just finished listening to the audio of the new book, and loved it! Thank you so much for the great story, amazing writing, and the characters who continue to grow and evolve through this series. I eagerly await their next adventure.

  4. Ruth, Wonderful Story! Kept me guessing and chuckling to the end.

    My Audible Review: Roman doctor, Gaius Petreius Ruso, late of the 20th Legion, has been called to Aquae Sulis. His best friend Valens stands accused of murdering his wife, Virana. Ruso, wife Tilla, and daughter Mara travel from the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall to Aquae Sulis – modern day Bath – to discover who did the deed and save Valens’ life. Ms. Downie’s latest Ruso adventure is chock full of eccentric British tribesmen and women, bombastic former centurions, priests and bureaucrats. The murder mystery is first rate and kept me guessing until the final pages. Downie’s work full of wonderful, and often humorous, interactions between the zany cast of characters that fill the pages. Where does Ruth come with such entertaining people whose challenges seem oddly familiar to our fast paced 21st century life? Accurate to minute detail in ancient medicines, Roman customs and legion lore, Simon Vance’s Memento Mori performance is a wonderful treat for the mind, the ears, and the funny bone.

    Ruth, take a few weeks off, go dig in the dirt and find more ancient Roman artifacts. Then – back to the keyboard. Your fans await…

    Cheers from across the pond.

    1. Jamie, did I fail to reply to this? So sorry! Thanks so much for such a kind review and it’s great to see Simon Vance’s skills lauded.

      Yes definitely taking a few weeks off now, recharging the batteries and considering options…

      1. Ruth,

        Yes, you send a note of thanks about my Amazon review. Simon Vance did a brilliant job with your story. My wife’s mother (my Mother- Outlaw) was trilled to receive a hard-copy. Your skills just keep getting better and I enjoyed the way the Ruso and Tilla characters have evolved with losing their essence. Mara is also a nice addition. Can’t wait to see what those three are up to next. Although I suppose I’ll have little choice but to wait. As an aside, I prefer the UK cover to the Yank version. Although in my limited experience the author does not have the final say – the publisher does. It’s all good.

        Cheers – from across the Pond!

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