Curses, Miracles and ‘Tilla Speaks’.

The launch of a new book is always a grand excuse for wandering around the internet pontificating on things, and I’m grateful to the hosts who’ve kindly let me loose on their websites. It’s been a delight writing the articles, and here’s the current publication schedule.

6 Marchopening chapter of MEMENTO MORI previewed on Assaph Mehr’s

15 March

A Gang of Doctors Killed Me” – medics and miracles in the ancient world on Helen Hollick’s “Discovering Diamonds” review site.

Carving of moustachioed face on temple pediment at Bath

Bathhouse Theft in Ancient Rome: Victims seek Revenge.” Crimes and curses in Roman Bath at the

Curse written on lead sheet seen by lamplight


17 March – MEMENTO MORI faces The Page 69 test – and finds Ruso rescuing a man who didn’t need to be rescued

30 March – an interview with Tilla at “The Protagonist Speaks

Date tba – I’ll be visiting Writers Read



5 thoughts on “Curses, Miracles and ‘Tilla Speaks’.

  1. Finished listening to the audio version on Tuesday. I always enjoy several hours spent immersed in the world of Russo and Tilla. I know a few people I would like to put a curse one but I don’t have a sacred pond to throw it in. 🙂

  2. Finished
    Loved it
    Now could you see your way to a 50K word short story to Keep us all going till the next volume

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