Kindle bargains for UK readers, and a free book draw for everyone else

UPDATE – WE HAVE A WINNER!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered the “Win a signed copy”  draw. It was great fun reading your messages and especially the entertaining offers of bribery (which of course I resisted)!   Congratulations to G Goldschmeid, whose name was first out of the hat – please check your email as I’ll need to know where to send your copy of “Terra Incognita”.

We intUK Cover of MEDICUSerrupt this broadcast to bring you news of rock-bottom bargain prices through July for UK Kindle versions of MEDICUS (the first Cover of Memento Moribook in the series) and MEMENTO MORI (the latest). 99p each! Yes, really! I think the recent sun here must have gone to somebody’s head. Whatever the reason, if you buy from, you may wish grab one or both while you can.

Meanwhile for readers elsewhere who can’t access the UK bargains – a free book draw!  The prize will be a signed copy of whichever book in the MEDICUS series you choose.

There’s a reminder of what the books are here. If you choose anything but MEDICUS itself, it’ll be an American edition hardback – MEDICUS  will be a UK paperback because that’s what I have in the stock box.

How to enter – simply leave a comment below before midnight on Sunday 8 July, stating which book you’d like if you win. (This is also running in my newsletter, so if you sign up for that you could enter twice.) Please remember – this is only for people who live outside the UK.

So, hopefully, something for everyone!

20 thoughts on “Kindle bargains for UK readers, and a free book draw for everyone else

  1. Medicus would be great! I love all your books and pretty much anything you write 🙂 Thanks so much!

  2. I’d like a copy of Medicus please Ruth, might as well start at the beginning!!

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